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Welcome to FlashlightBlog.com! We’re really excited to operate this tiny piece of the Internet. FlashlightBlog.com is owned and operated by BladeHQ.com. Don’t let that fool you though! Yes, we are primarily dedicated to knives (blades) but we love flashlights just as much! We’re hard at work stockpiling the best brands (like Fenix, Surefire, 4Sevens, etc) and creating a resource for all of your flashlight needs.

People familiar with our company may know that we operate several other blogs. Most notable would be KnifeBlog.com (a knife blog) and LEDFlashlights.com (a blog about LED flashlights). With the release of FlashlightBlog.com we’ll probably be doing most of our flashlight blogging on this website (we hope to eventually turn LEDFlashlights.com into an online store).

We’ll probably operate this blog in a similar fashion to KnifeBlog.com. We’ll have product review, industry news, and some funs posts showcasing flashlights being used in TV shows and movies. If there’s anything that you- the readers- want to see please drop us a line & let us know. We operate this blog for you.

Resources: Knives, Flashlights, LED Flashlights, Fenix Flashlights, Surefire Flashlights, 4Sevens Flaslights

Contact Info: To contact us please use the “Contact” information provides at BladeHQ.com. Thanks!


About FlashlightBlog.com — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I’m look your website and I want to buy your product.
    Please give me information, You can shipp out to my country Singapore with UPS SAVER or not?
    I’m waiting for your next response today.Thanks and have a nice day.

    David Christian.

    • Hi David!
      Unfortunately we can’t ship to Singapore, but one of our customer service representatives told me that he recommends using http://www.shipito.com. It’s a forwarding company that offers more shipping options, and they can usually ship to most places. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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