“One Million Candle Power” Flashlight

Waiven, Inc is demonstrating (today, in Las Vegas) a flashlight that can produce and output of one million candle power using Waiven’s  recycling LED technology and a Luminous SBT 70 round white LED. I am hoping they’ll post a video of this flashlight in action.

Waiven technology takes the wasted light with their recycling reflector and redirects it out the front. They have a flashlight (available to the public) that can throw an ultra narrow beam with incredible intensity over 1500 meters. Believe it or not the flashlight is only 6 inches long!

To add to its uniqueness, this flashlight throws a square beam. I kid you not.

I look forward to seeing more of what else this patented technology will do.


You can buy this flashlight from wavian.com as of now. It’s only $500. 

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